"Having Roisin consult while switching my twins from breast milk to formula was invaluable. It was my choice to put them on formula. The girls were experiencing a lot of discomfort and wind as I was giving them alternate breastmilk/ formula bottles. Roisin's suggestion to introduce the formula gradually by mixing it in with breastmilk fixed the problem almost immediately. So simple, I would never have thought of that on my own"

Katie G, mum to Hope and Molly.

" Sophie is my first and I was determined to breastfeed. I had been to the prenatal classes and had an amazing district nurse who was supportive. From birth, Sophie latched on well but was struggling to gain weight. She used to get upset after feeding, and had loose stools. When we found blood in her nappy we brought her to my local GP. My doctor diagnosed her with a cow's milk allergy and said she would have to go on formula. I was devastated as I really wanted to breastfeed. My friend recommended Roisin, and she was really supportive. She suggested that I could continue to breastfeed by making changes to my own diet and cutting out dairy. Sophie's symptoms resolved and she put on 70 grams 4 days later- I almost cried with relief! Sophie is really thriving well, thanks to Roisin "

Sinead O' R, mum to Sophie